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          Sodium Humate
          • Sodium Humate
          • Sodium Humate
          Sodium Humate Sodium Humate
          Product Name:

          Sodium Humate

          Humic Acid

              CAS NO.:68131-04-4

             HS CODE:3824999990

             Molecular Formula:68131-04-4


          Sodium humate is black flake powder or crystal form which is soluble in water.It is widely used in agriculture,husbandry,aquaculture as well as industry.


          To Plants

          1.Boost benefit microorganisms activity,strong roots development

          2.Improve water holding capacity and aeration,prevent fertilizer drain

          3.Improve soil structure,reduce soil salinity

          4.Adjust soil PH value,increase fertilizer and nutrients uptake

          5.Enhance crops resistance to fight against cold,drought,insects and lodging

          To Animal

          1.Brighten animals skin and hair,increase meat,eggs and milk production

          2.Regulating animal intestines to remove their body odor

          3.Improve meat,eggs and milk taste

          4.Enhance animals resistance to disease

          To Industry

          1.Pulverized coal shaping cementing agent

          2.Petro drilling fluid decreasing and filtering agent

          3.Ceramic dispersing agent

          4.Boiler anti-scaling agent

          5.Water treatment agent


          Humic Acid:50%-70%     Organic Matter:60%-80%    Solubility:85%-95%    Moisture:10%-15%    Appearance:Flake,Powder,Crystal


          1. 0.5-1kg/ha for drip irrigation in agriculture.

          2. Add 3-5kg into 1ton fodder for animal feed.

          3. Keep 0.1% concentration for use.


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