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          Humic Acid
          • Humic Acid
          • Humic Acid
          Humic Acid Humic Acid
          Product Name:

          Humic Acid

          Humic Acid

              CAS NO.:1415-93-6

             HS CODE:3824999990

             Molecular Formula:C9H9NO6


          Humic Acid is extracted from ancient plants matter in form of leonardite as long chain organic macromolecular high polymer aromatic materials contains hydroxyl,carboxyl,phenolic hydroxyl and other active function groups.


          1.Boost benefit microorganisms activity,strong roots development

          2.Promote seed germination

          3.Improve water holding capacity and aeration,prevent fertilizer drain

          4.Improve soil structure,reduce soil salinity

          5.Adjust soil PH value,increase fertilizer and nutrients uptake

          6.Enhance crops resistance to fight against cold,drought,insects and lodging


          Humic Acid:45%-75% Organic Matter:50%-80% Moisture:15%-20%


          1. 50-150kgs/ha,2 times in seeding and growing stage.

          2. 1kg-2kgs/plant for fruit trees.

          3. It can use with NPK fertilizer and peticide,humic acid and NPK proportion is 1:3.


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